Support MarsCorp On Patreon

We might have mentioned once or twice that it’s quite an undertaking to make MarsCorp. Each episode involves a bunch of people having to put in a bunch of time. Sadly podcasts are not the money producing cash cow we’d been led to believe and despite having thousands of downloads a month, we make very little from ad revenue. This means we’re not making enough money to pay people to keep on making MarsCorp.

This creates a problem, because we do actually want to make more MarsCorp! To try and achieve this mad, mad goal we’ve set up a Patreon account. “What the flip is Patreon?” you ask, well it’s a place where people can make donations to things they like – such as podcasts¬†– so that more of them can be made. In exchange the “patrons” get access to new content exclusively, or at least before the unwashed non-donating freeloaders get it (we love the unwashed btw).

So what do patrons get? Well all sorts, and it depends how much we can raise per month. The targets are:

$100 – A one off Christmas special of our last show, The Bunker.

$300 – Monthly MarsCorp shorts – 10min+ stories from the characters you know and love/hate

$600 – We start work on scripts for MarsCorp season 2.

$1000 – MarsCorp season 2 is go! We’ll put that mother into production.

$5000 – We bin off our jobs and make audio comedy drama full-time as Definitely Human!

Aside from that we’ll also keep patrons updated with what we’re working on, giving you sneak peaks of what we’ve got coming up. You’ll also hear sketches that won’t be released anywhere else, Q&As, alternative and early version artwork and more.

At the moment we’ve passed the $100 target, which is amazing, but the $300/month one is some way off, so we need your help if we’re going to make anymore MarsCorp. Visit Patreon now and see how you can support the MarsCorp mission!