MarsCorp Part 7 Is Out

All enterprises experience “hiccups” from time to time – data losses, miscommunication, process failures, uprisings – and it is in the dealing with these issues that a company strengthens itself and ensures its survival. If it can overcome obstacles then new experiences will be acquired by the human capital, making them more valuable. Failing to overcome such obstacles is not an option at MarsCorp.

Now that she’s receiving some much needed human contact, Hob is starting to feel comfortable, satisfied even, but bad news comes from the mine; a storm is raging on the planet’s surface and it’s heading for MarsCorp.

The base is prepared for such threats, but the machines that are designed to protect the base have encountered some “technical difficulties”, not that the machines themselves see it that way. Hob needs to get them back on track if they’re going to save the base, but she faces some “technical difficulties” of her own.

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MarsCorp episode 7 artwork

Artwork by Eric Chow

We’re past the halfway point with the series now, with just 5 episodes left to go. We hope you’re enjoying the show and if you are then please leave a review on iTunes (or wherever you get the show from). We really need those stars to help us reach more people (and to boost our egos!)

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Acast And Downloading Problems

We had a pretty big problem with the show last week. On Wednesday, when episode 6 came out, subscribers on iTunes didn’t get the new release and instead just had the Acast ad. The option to purchase episodes early was never meant to interfere with the planned weekly release of the show, so we’re really, really sorry that it happened. We gave Acast some time to fix it, but when they weren’t able to we uploaded a new file on Thursday, which everyone should have received.

We then had another, even bigger problem on the weekend! Because of some technical problem with the Acast RSS feed, Apple suspended the show from the iTunes store. We don’t know exactly what went wrong but it was something at Acast’s end that screwed it up.

We apologise for all this. It’s immensely frustrating for us as the problems have been beyond our control (that’s our way of saying “it’s not our fault!”). We’ve got a new plan for releasing episodes, which should mean no more problems. But if you do have any problems getting the show then please, please let us know by emailing us at We’ll make sure that you get the episode you want and it’ll help us to make sure other people can get the show too.

Sorry again for the problems!

Episode 8 – ‘Disciplinary Action’ – is out next Wednesday.

Episode 7 credits

Helen Watkinson – E.L. Hob
Matthew Woodcock – Jim Lake
Emma Stirling – Chip Dalling
EJ Martin – Vendibot
Derek Elwood – Martin Mann / Robot 3
Molly Small – Jess Horn / Garbagebot / Robot 2
Jon Day – Brian Durant / Baxter
Marysia Trembeska – Donna Page
Lexie McDougall – Bonnie Clarke
Max Upton – Eric Lyon
Tom Dalling – Tom Dalling
David Knight – David Knight / Earnest McTrusty / Hello I’m Berty
David Price – Dave Price / Discobot / Robot 8
Robert Benedetti Hall – Jonathan Kingsley
Alex Mew – George Bullock
Graham Vick – Eduardo Allende / Vacuumbot / Liftbot / Bernard Egg
Jack Lee – Businessbot
Mark Desebrock – Carerbot
Piers Hunt – Paul Honeycutt / Bar Robot
Katie Turner – Dawn Cox
Pippa Caddick – Angelica Kingsley / Toasterbot / Robot 1
Amelie Edwards – Hayley Barret / Robot 7
Penelope Day – Hello I’m Brenda
Susanna Gordon – Jo Grey
David Kallo – John Smith
Ailsa Dalling – Liftbot 3 / Kim Page
James Naylor – Mark Garner
Mark Desebrock – Mech / Nursebot 2
Laila Pyne – Nursebot 1
Luke Georgewill – Miner 2
Mark Keegan – Robot 4
Alex Mew – Robot 6

Music by
Jon Day
Jonny Phethean
Ben Osborn

Artwork by
Eric Chow – Website